Digitized Docs

Government documents digitization registry | Registre des documents gouvernementaux numérisés

This project seeks to identify past, present, and future digitization projects for Canadian government documents. A digitization registry for government documents will provide an important forum for libraries and other knowledge institutions involved or interested in contributing to or learning from comprehensive digitized collections of Canada’s historic government publications. The registry will enable institutions to share information concerning whether a collection has been digitized (avoiding duplication and aiding in resource discovery), identify complementary collections, and locate potential partners for collaboration.

If you have content to contribute, please, enter the details directly in the form at the following link: http://bit.ly/gov-docs or send an email to gsg@uottawa.ca.

Results of the form can be viewed here: http://bit.ly/gov-docs-results

Le registre a pour but de répertorier les projets de numérisation de documents gouvernementaux canadiens, qu’ils soient terminés, en cours ou à venir. Le registre des documents numérisés offrira un forum utile aux bibliothèques et à toute autre institution du savoir qui participent à la création de grandes collections de documents historiques numérisés produits par les différents paliers gouvernementaux au Canada. Le registre constituera également une source d’apprentissage pour les institutions concernées. À l’aide du registre, les institutions pourront se renseigner sur l’avancement de la numérisation d’une collection (afin d’éviter des duplications et d’aider dans la recherche de ressources), trouver des collections complémentaires et rencontrer des partenaires de projets.

Si vous avez du contenu à partager, veuillez nous le faire parvenir au moyen du formulaire se trouvant au lien suivant : http://bit.ly/gov-docs ou par courriel à gsg@uottawa.ca.

Les résultats de ce projet peuvent être consultés ici : http://bit.ly/gov-docs-results


Debates for 1901 – 1996 (Senate) and 1901 – 1993 (House of Commons) have been scanned by an agreement between the Library of Parliament and Library and Archives Canada (see CLA-GIN 29/10/2012 repost from GOVINFO)

Canada Treaty Series see Canadiana Bulletin, vol. 11, no 1, February 2013

APLIC/ABPAC releases its Government and Legislative Libraries Online Publications Portal(GALLOPP/PPGPE): A key resource for locating Canadian and Provincial Government Publications. Press Release (See CLA GIN 30/01/2013 post) (Note: Each library has its own digitization project, the portal brings all the records together in one place for searching).

Finance Canada Archive Budget Documents, 1968-2011 and at Budget Canada, Presentation at CLA 2012.

Statistics Canada Census of Canada “print only” publications, 1851 – 1996. Done by Statistics Canada during 2010//(?) released to the Internet Archive and to the DSP Catalog via Supplemental Weekly Checklists. To date, 1996 Census (12-44-Supp., December 13, 2012) 1986 Census (12-43-Supp November 7, 2012 and 13-07 Supp March 25, 2013), 1991 Census (13-04-Supp February 13, 2013). Presentation given at CLA 2012.

Internet Archive has created a page for scanned Canadian government publications available on their site through the ODI and OCUL-UT digitization projects. New titles and volumes will be added when available.
Also listed out the Canadian Sessional Papers volumes for easy access.

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