Press releases, links to news articles, list serve posts, from government or other that describe significant changes to dissemination of government information. Check out our Twitter feed for regularly updated content!

– Canada’s Open Government progress report: independent report | self assessment

– Update on the Distribution of Tangible Format Publications to Depository Libraries, December 19, 2013. “Publishing and Depository Services is winding down its distribution of hard-copy publications to Depository Libraries. However, we will still be receiving quantities of some print items at our warehouse in December 2013. We plan to distribute these items in January. To accommodate this change, we have extended the ordering period for all Weekly Checklist (WCL) checkbox items until March 7, 2014. It had previously been announced that the ordering period would end January 31, 2014.”

-The April 2012 announcement, “2012 Budget and Publishing and Depository Services affecting the Depository Services Program“. Email posted to the INFO-dep listserve, copy at CLA-GIN Archives of Friday April 13, 2012.

DSP Library Advisory Committee Minutes

– April 2012 – Canada’s Action Plan on Open Government to include a “Virtual Library”, “an online searchable repository of published Government of Canada documents of all kinds…”

-the November 28, 2012 Action Plan for the Renewal of the GC Web Presence: Presentation for Senior Department Officials Government (available in two parts here and here ) thanks to the BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association.

– Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Reduce Redundant, Outdate, and Trivial Content 2012-01-25 (ROT guidelines ) and Managing Web Content Guidelines.

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