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Conference Call!

It’s that time already! The CLA Conference 2007 is over and we’re revving up for CLA Conference 2008. This year’s theme is Libraries and Publishing 3.0: Connecting Authors to Readers in the Digital Age. This has great potential for presentations on gov pubs in the digital age. If you’ve got great ideas and would like AGIIG support, please send them to me by July 15. Individual submissions (without AGIIG support) must be in by August 1. Find the proposal application here.

UN Common Database Free!

This is what I love to hear (and I’m sure you’ll agree): The United Nations Common Database is now free! From the site:

As of 1 May 2007, use of the Common Database will be FREE OF CHARGE. No subscription will be necessary after that date, and all users can access the full range of data, metadata and various search tools without restriction.

A new system, UN data, will be launched in Summer 2007 and will provide improved access and searchability for UNSD databases. 

Canadian Documents Web Search Engine

Thanks to David Sharp for sharing this with us!

A few weeks back, David Oldenkamp from Indiana University kindly shared information on his international documents web search engine with us. His work inspired me to try and make a similar one for Canadian documents. If you would like to take a look at what I came up with, you can find it at:

For now, it searches on the federal level, including select crown corporations, the provincial and territorial level; as well, it searches 80 municipal sites from across Canada. (The 80 municipalities were chosen from a list of Statistic Canada’s Census Metropolitan Areas, Census Agglomerations, and Census Subdivisions for Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Apologies if I overlooked anyone.)

I would be happy to receive any feedback or suggestions for improvement, especially if you know of sites that I might have overlooked. I will also be happy to supply the code if you are interested in putting the search box on one of your pages.

David Sharp

Government Publications Librarian,

Electronic Resources and Provincial Documents

Maps, Data and Government Information Centre

Carleton University Library

1125 Colonel By Drive

Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5B6

(613) 520-2600 ext 8198

Google and U.S. Gov Pubs

Google has already created a search engine designed to retrieve U.S. government information when it released Google Uncle Sam. According to recent posting on Free Government Information, Google are now thinking of trying to search deeper into government information, searching for buried information found in databases. The article also notes that agencies were required to be searchable by September 1 of this year.

Orders-in-Council Online Database

Library and Archives Canada, in partnership with the Department of Justice
Canada, is pleased to announce the latest update to the Orders-in-Council
online research tool. The database now contains records for orders-in-council
from 1867 through 1910.  Many of these records include digital images of the
original orders-in-council, and work is ongoing to link additional images to
the full range of records. The database is part of a continuing effort to make
historical records of the Privy Council Office available online.
Orders-in-council address a wide range of administrative and legislative
matters, from civil service staffing to capital punishment, and from the
disposition of Aboriginal lands to the maintenance of the Parliamentary

You are invited to search the database at

For more information, please contact Project Manager Steven Artelle at (613)

Bibliothèque et Archives Canada, en partenariat avec le ministère de la Justice
du Canada, a le plaisir de vous faire part des dernières mises à jour de
l’outil de recherche en ligne Décrets du Conseil. La base de données comporte
désormais des dossiers pour les décrets du Conseil de 1867 jusqu’à 1910.
Plusieurs de ces dossiers incluent des images numérisées des décrets originaux,
et actuellement, le travail se poursuit afin de lier des images additionnelles à
tous les dossiers. La base de données résulte des efforts soutenus déployés pour
mettre en ligne les dossiers historiques du Bureau du Conseil privé. Les décrets
traitent d’une vaste gamme de questions administratives et législatives, allant
de la dotation en personnel à la peine capitale, et de la disposition des
terres autochtones à l’entretien de la Bibliothèque du Parlement.

Venez visiter le site à l’adresse suivante :

Pour obtenir de plus amples renseignements, veuillez communiquer avec le
gestionnaire de projet Steven Artelle au 613-992-2561 ou à l’adresse
électronique suivante :