New Network Co-Moderator

I’d like to take this opportunity to announce the addition of Michelle Lake as CLA-GIN Co-Moderator, replacing Caron Rollins. Michelle is the Government Publications Librarian at Concordia University and started her term with the network on January 1st, 2015.

Please, join me in thanking Caron for all her hard work with CLA-GIN over the last several years and in welcoming Michelle to her new role!

Any network-related questions can now be directed to either Michelle or me.

Consultation: Open Government Action Plan 2.0 | Plan d’action du Canada pour un gouvernement ouvert 2.0

This workshop will be taking place at the CLA Conference in Victoria on Thursday, May 29th, 2014 at 2:30pm. Mark your calendars!

Cet atelier se déroulera le jeudi 29 mai 2014 à 14 h 30 à la conférence de l’ACB à Victoria. Marquez vos calendriers!

Open Government Action Plan 2.0

As part of developing Canada’s second Open Government Action Plan, the Open Government Secretariat is facilitating conversations with public interest groups across the country. The purpose of this session is to provide a brief overview of Federal Open Government in Canada and solicit your ideas on what activities the government of Canada should include in the Action Plan.

Session Outline:

  • Presentation and discussion on why open government is important
  • Interactive workshop where participants work together on ideas for the Open Government Action Plan
  • Group reports and plenary discussion
  • Wrap up and next steps

By attending this session you will learn about Open Government initiatives and have the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas on the direction this global movement should take in Canada.

Plan d’action du Canada pour un gouvernement ouvert 2.0

Dans le contexte de l’élaboration d’un deuxième Plan d’action du Canada pour un gouvernement ouvert, le Secrétariat du gouvernement ouvert dirige des discussions avec des groupes de défense de l’intérêt public de partout au pays. La présente séance a pour but de donner un bref aperçu du gouvernement ouvert fédéral au Canada et d’obtenir vos idées quant aux activités que le gouvernement du Canada devrait inclure dans le Plan d’action.

Principaux points de la séance :

  • Exposé et discussion au sujet de l’importance que revêt le gouvernement ouvert.
  • Atelier interactif au cours duquel les participants travaillent ensemble pour dégager des idées au regard du Plan d’action du Canada pour un gouvernement ouvert.
  • Rapports de groupe et discussion plénière.
  • Récapitulation et prochaines étapes.

Cette séance est l’occasion de vous renseigner au sujet des initiatives connexes au gouvernement ouvert et de présenter vos réflexions et idées à propos de l’orientation que ce mouvement mondial devrait prendre au Canada.

CLA Statement regarding Federal Government Library Consolidation and Closure

Read the full statement here.

… Canadians across the country have expressed their concern to CLA regarding these Government of Canada library closures. They are worried that these important knowledge centres are being dismantled with very little thought being given to the future generations of Canadians who might benefit from the wealth of accumulated information built up over generations.

CLA recognizes that every sector of the library community is facing financial pressure; however, in addressing fiscal challenges, the core mandate of libraries must not be sacrificed. The current approach to federal library closures risk doing just that.

CLA remains gravely concerned about the lack of transparency and potential loss of valuable materials. It is vital that the government involve library professionals in any process relating to collection management. Librarians have specialized training in evaluating and consolidating information for preservation. Their expertise can provide important insight into this process, both streamlining approaches and ensuring that the
best information is retained.

CLA is calling on the Government of Canada to provide a more thorough description of the processes taken when reviewing collections. CLA is also calling on the Government of Canada to actively engage with CLA, the archival and research communities, and other stakeholders to work on a more transparent process for the management of the valuable publicly-owned collections held by Departmental libraries and LAC.

Given CLA’s long history of partnership with LAC and our broad representation, it would be pleased to facilitate this discussion.

AGIIG at CLA 2009 Interest Group Business Meeting

The AGIIG meeing at the CLA Interest Groups Breakfast Meeting at the CLA 2009 was helf from 7:30-9:00 am  on Sunday May 31, at the Palais des congrès de Montréal, Rooms 513 a – e. 

The meeting was attended by current members of AGIIC as well as new CLA members interested in joining, about a dozen people.  The business meeting was held in a large meeting room, as in past years, with tables set up for each interest group. The new CLA Executive Director, the Treasurer and the Councilors made the rounds, stopping at each IG table to meet members and hear concerns.  

Discussion at the meeting also concerned CLA’s members on the DSP Advisory Committee, and how to set up liasion by AGIIC with the CLA representatives.  We  asked that the Executive provide us with CLA’s representatives on the DSP Advisory Committee, as we would like to contact these reps.

Kevin Manual asked for volunters for the positions of Convenor and Co-Convenor.  Caron Rollins and Doug Kariel stepped forward, and those present had no objections.

Elizabeth Sanders and Barry Wood  from Publishing & Depository Services attended to answer questions about the new DSP agreement.  Thank-you for attending!  Key points: 

1. The new DSP agreement must be signed  (two signed copies!) and returned by July1, 2009. Reminders will be sent out on INFODEP, by Graham Campbell of DSP.   If the DSP does not receive the copies one warning will be sent.  If no response by Sept.1, the library’s DSP status will be cancelled.

2. DSP service standards will be posted to the DSP website.

3. The annual report requirement was dropped from the agreement, instead section 4.1.i asks for libraries to “provide, PDS, once a year, with feedback: . AGIIG members are interested in  sharing templates for this feedback. 

4. Continue, please, to report fugitive epubs to DSP.

5. DSP has applied to the Treasury Board for an excemption from the CLF2 xhtml requirement for all epubs.  Pdf formats are preferred.  AGIIG members also forwarded their concerns on this requirment to the meeting. AGIIC will follow-up.

6. The DSP conducted a number of site visits about the new agreement, to selected despository libraries.  Those present felt that more information about these visits could have been shared on INFODEP.

Communication with AGIIC members was another topic of our meeting dicussion.  Currently there are over 70 CLA members who also AGIIC members.  Some, but not all, subsribe to the AGIIC listserve (for instructions on joining this listserve, see our Committtee page on the CLA website ).  Others are members of GOVINF-L and / or INFODEP (the DSP listserve) and APLIC (Legislative libraries).  Volunteers stepped forward to post to GOVINFO-L notices from INFODEP and APLIC.

 Later that morning, the CLA Treasurer held an “Interest Group Information Meeting” for convenors (Caron attended).  Discussion focused on a new CLA Task Force set up to review the Interest Group guidelines (available on the CLA website).  Volunters were asked for the Task Force.

Submitted by Caron Rollins, Convenor.



AGIIG at CLA Interest Groups Breakfast Meeting

Please join members of AGIIG for the CLA Interest Groups Breakfast Meeting at the CLA National Conference in Montreal!

Elizabeth Sander from Publishing & Depository Services will be there to answer questions about the new DSP agreement.

A new convener and co-convener are still needed, so if you would like to know more about either of these positions please attend or contact Kevin Manuel at

Date: 7:30 – 9:00am, May 31, 2009

Location: Palais des congrès de Montréal, Rooms 513 a – e

Conference Call!

It’s that time already! The CLA Conference 2007 is over and we’re revving up for CLA Conference 2008. This year’s theme is Libraries and Publishing 3.0: Connecting Authors to Readers in the Digital Age. This has great potential for presentations on gov pubs in the digital age. If you’ve got great ideas and would like AGIIG support, please send them to me by July 15. Individual submissions (without AGIIG support) must be in by August 1. Find the proposal application here.

AGIIG Co-Convenor

This is a call for people interested in becoming co-convenor of the Access to Government Information Interest Group. This will be the first year with a co-convenor and it is a 2 year position. The convenor will act as mentor to the co-convenor in their first year. In their second year, they will become the convenor and mentor the in-coming co-convenor. This mentor program helps new convenors learn the duties associated with the interest group while providing an extra hand to help with group activities.

If you are interested or want to know more about what is required by the position, please contact

AGIIG Business Meeting

If you’re going to CLA in St. John’s this year, please join me for our annual AGIIG Business Meeting. This year it will be held bright and early between 7:30am-9:00am on Friday May 25th in Delta’s Salon A. As an incentive there will be a light breakfast available. I will send out an agenda closer to the date. Hope to see you there!

Unfortunately, I was unable to convince anyone to offer tours for AGIIG members attending CLA. A trend we are seeing more frequently, the libraries whom I approached felt their collections too small to warrant a tour.

Join AGIIG Now!

Hear ye! Hear ye! Always wanted to join AGIIG but weren’t living in Canada? The Canadian Library Association (CLA) has opened up membership to CLA interest groups to those not living in Canada, without getting a full CLA membership! For a low price, you too can become a member of a CLA interest group. This includes the AGIIG! Check out your options today!