Month: February 2013

Draft Minutes of the GIN Network meeting, CLA Ottawa, May 31, 2012

Below are draft minutes from our meeting at CLA Annual, May 2012. 


I have information from ALA Midwinter 2013 and the August 2012 and January 2013 DSP Library Advisory Board meetings that will be sent out later this month.

Government Information Network Business Meeting DRAFT Minutes Agenda (CLA 2012 Ottawa)

See also Network page on CLA website.

Thursday May 31, 2012  7:30 am – 9:00 am – DRAFT Business Meeting Minutes

Attendance:  22 members.  Signup sheet circulated, contact C. Rollins.

  1. Update from the Depository Services Program representatives (Lepkey) regarding the April 13, 2012 announcement regarding cessation of print publications by 2014.
  • DSP will continue as usual until January 2013.
  • Federal departments are likely to phase out print.
  • The Charter requires federal statutes and reports of Parliament to be printed.  Reports of Parliament are Parliament publications and will not be supplied to the DSP anymore. (AMANDA please ask about on August 28, including debates, committee final reports, statutes, bills, and case reports from the Federal and Supreme Courts of Canada).
  • No more “Weekly Checklist”, likely a database report of new electronic publications. Older checklists not CFL2 compliant will not be archived.   (note from Caron – these can be purchases from Proquest Microlog on fiche, very expensive, but perhaps a project worth getting funding for)
  • DSP may not catalogue print any more, due to costs of acquiring
  • DSP agreement will change, and the future of the DSP Library Advisory Committee is in double.  The August 2012 meeting has not been funded or approved.  Update #1: August meeting replaced by conference call to be held August 28.  CLA has one representative on the group (Rollins), normally there are two, but the second rep, (Winters)  term has expired and CLA will not make a replacement until the future of the committee is known).
    • o Update #2: The DSP- LAC committee will continue.  CLA Executive has been advised of this. 
  • Funding for a new ILS (Evergreen, as used by NRCan) has been approved for the DSP catalogue. It will be in place by April 2013, and will provide MARC records.  The existing DSP catalogue records for electronic titles will be converted to MARC.  No decision has yet been made about migration of records for print titles. An issues for DSP is that they don’t have copies on hand to re-catalogue. 
  • DSP is sending its electronic records to the APLIC portal
  • DSP is willing to provide its records to a LOCKSS portal
  • Open Government Initiative  – Canada’s Action Plan on Open Government requires a Virtual Library. Publishing Canada (which includes the DSP)  have been ask to host this. There are questions about retention of continually updated electronic documents / information.  PW has proposed two collection one for “publications” with permanent MARC records, and on for continually updated material, with Dublin Core records.
  1. Discussion regarding establishment of a Canadian federal government LOCKSS PLN similar to the USDOCS LOCKSS PLN partnership between the US GPO and academic institutions.  Amanda Warkaruk distributed information and a call for participants for a Canadian Government Information Private LOCKSS Network Proposal (CGI-LOCKSS).  Information about the LOCKSS network can be found at   The CGI-LOCKSS network is be independent of CLA. Many at the meeting expressed interest in participating and will take information back to their home institutions.
  2. Report on the August 29-20, 2011 meeting from the CLA representatives to the Depository Services Program Library Advisory Committee (Rollins or Winters). Item cancelled (see Report from Winters and Rollins, posted to GIN list, and DSP advisory committee minutes on DSP website).
  3. Report from CLA Moderators Conference Call (January 2012)  
  • Information on accessing CLA funds by Networks for project and event proposals is now available, see CLA          website, Networks information page. .
  • A moderators information meeting is set for CLA 2012; Session B8, Thursday, May 31 “CLA Networks how to start              and manage them”
  • The CLA website will eventually be updated to provide more current communication tools for Networks and other            CLA groups.


  1. Report from on ALA Midwinter 2012 GODORT meetings (time permitting).  Item cancelled.


Sessions of Interest


Thursday May 31

Session B 8,  2:30 to 3:30 – CLA Networks: How to Start and Manage Them.

Moderator: Kelly Moore, CLA Executive Director


Session C 23, 4:00 – 5:30 – What is the Role of the European Union Delegation to Canada?

Mr. Maurizio Cellini,  Head of the Economic Section, EU Delegation to Canada and
Mr. Giovanni Di Girolamo, Head of the Political and Public Affairs Section, EU delegation to Canada

Accompanied by Danielle Fishman, Information Assistant, EU delegation to Canada

Moderator: Caron Rollins, Government Publications Librarian, University of Victoria.


Friday June 1

Session D 31, 10:30 – 11:30 – Open Past: Digital Projects from Government Libraries

                Bernie Gloyn, Assistant Director, Statistics Canada Library
                Iona Henderson, Web Coordinator, Department of Finance Canada
                Sonia Bebbington, Director, Knowledge Management and Preservation, Library of Parliament
                Eileen Bays-Coutts, Chief, Library Services, Department of Finance Canada
                Denise Ledoux, Coordinator of PARLINFO, Library of Parliament


Session E 37, 1:30 – 2:30  – Open Sesame: Open Data, Data Liberation and New Opportunities for Libraries

Wendy Watkins, Data Librarian, Carleton University
Ernie Boyko, Adjunct Data Librarian, Carleton University
Tracey Lauriault, PhD Student, Carleton University
Margaret Haines, University Librarian, Carleton University


Saturday June 2

Session I 71, 1:00 – 2:30 – Official Statistics for Reference Librarians: Yes, You Need to Know This Stuff!

                Mike McCaffrey, Lecturer, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto
                Amanda Wakaruk, Government Information Librarian, University of Alberta


Objective(s) of the Interest Group:


  • To monitor issues relating to government publishing and the availability of government information.
  • To provide a channel through which interested Canadian Library Association /Association canadienne des bibliothèques  members can assist the Association to foster its mission statement and goals as they relate to government publications and information.
  • To provide a forum where library workers can learn from one another or from experts in the field and can participate in other activities aimed at improving access to government information.
  • The Access to Government Information Interest Group is also proud to sponsor the Olga B. Bishop Award.