Month: June 2009

AGIIG at CLA 2009 Interest Group Business Meeting

The AGIIG meeing at the CLA Interest Groups Breakfast Meeting at the CLA 2009 was helf from 7:30-9:00 am  on Sunday May 31, at the Palais des congrès de Montréal, Rooms 513 a – e. 

The meeting was attended by current members of AGIIC as well as new CLA members interested in joining, about a dozen people.  The business meeting was held in a large meeting room, as in past years, with tables set up for each interest group. The new CLA Executive Director, the Treasurer and the Councilors made the rounds, stopping at each IG table to meet members and hear concerns.  

Discussion at the meeting also concerned CLA’s members on the DSP Advisory Committee, and how to set up liasion by AGIIC with the CLA representatives.  We  asked that the Executive provide us with CLA’s representatives on the DSP Advisory Committee, as we would like to contact these reps.

Kevin Manual asked for volunters for the positions of Convenor and Co-Convenor.  Caron Rollins and Doug Kariel stepped forward, and those present had no objections.

Elizabeth Sanders and Barry Wood  from Publishing & Depository Services attended to answer questions about the new DSP agreement.  Thank-you for attending!  Key points: 

1. The new DSP agreement must be signed  (two signed copies!) and returned by July1, 2009. Reminders will be sent out on INFODEP, by Graham Campbell of DSP.   If the DSP does not receive the copies one warning will be sent.  If no response by Sept.1, the library’s DSP status will be cancelled.

2. DSP service standards will be posted to the DSP website.

3. The annual report requirement was dropped from the agreement, instead section 4.1.i asks for libraries to “provide, PDS, once a year, with feedback: . AGIIG members are interested in  sharing templates for this feedback. 

4. Continue, please, to report fugitive epubs to DSP.

5. DSP has applied to the Treasury Board for an excemption from the CLF2 xhtml requirement for all epubs.  Pdf formats are preferred.  AGIIG members also forwarded their concerns on this requirment to the meeting. AGIIC will follow-up.

6. The DSP conducted a number of site visits about the new agreement, to selected despository libraries.  Those present felt that more information about these visits could have been shared on INFODEP.

Communication with AGIIC members was another topic of our meeting dicussion.  Currently there are over 70 CLA members who also AGIIC members.  Some, but not all, subsribe to the AGIIC listserve (for instructions on joining this listserve, see our Committtee page on the CLA website ).  Others are members of GOVINF-L and / or INFODEP (the DSP listserve) and APLIC (Legislative libraries).  Volunteers stepped forward to post to GOVINFO-L notices from INFODEP and APLIC.

 Later that morning, the CLA Treasurer held an “Interest Group Information Meeting” for convenors (Caron attended).  Discussion focused on a new CLA Task Force set up to review the Interest Group guidelines (available on the CLA website).  Volunters were asked for the Task Force.

Submitted by Caron Rollins, Convenor.



Digitization of Publications relating to the Parliament of Canada

Subject: Digitization of Publications relating to the Parliament of Canada/Numérisation des publications se rapportant au Parlement du Canada

 A working paper on digitization of publications relating to the Parliament of Canada has been made available on the Parliamentary Internet.


This document reviews the state of digitization of papers relating to the Parliament of Canada as of April 2009  in order to determine:


  • which published papers relating to the operations of Parliament have been digitized
  • by which organization;
  • where the digitized works are housed;
  • who is permitted access &
  • plans for future digitization


The goal is to help inform the development of a coherent strategy amongst the various stakeholders to digitize, make available and preserve over the long term, the corpus of Canadian publications relating to the operations of Parliament since 1867.


Comments, updates and suggested revisions are welcomed. 


Please forward comments to Michèle Robichaud, Canadian Government Information Specialist, Library of Parliament at, or Ian McDonald, Government and Law Specialist, Library and Archives Canada at



William R. Young
Parliamentary Librarian



(posted by C.Rollins, Source Govinfo-L)