Month: June 2007

Conference Call!

It’s that time already! The CLA Conference 2007 is over and we’re revving up for CLA Conference 2008. This year’s theme is Libraries and Publishing 3.0: Connecting Authors to Readers in the Digital Age. This has great potential for presentations on gov pubs in the digital age. If you’ve got great ideas and would like AGIIG support, please send them to me by July 15. Individual submissions (without AGIIG support) must be in by August 1. Find the proposal application here.

Government Group on Ning

Ning is an online social network in which you can create your own network. I’m in a number of networks, including Library 2.0, which is dedicated to examining web 2.0 and social software applications and their implications and use in libraries. In this Library 2.0 group, there is a subgroup for government librarians. I think that there is great potential for government publications and web 2.0 applications, especially since so much is already online. There are already Flickr groups for gov pubs, blogs by gov pubs librarians, rss feeds and more. If you have interest in this type of thing, please join me in the group.