Month: May 2007

Federal Government Libraries Wiki

ALA has started a wiki for federal libraries that are under threat, closing or being reorganized. Check it out here.

From the wiki:

The purpose of this wiki is to share and track information on federal library threats, re-organizations, and closings. Based on discussions with members, the main focus is to facilitate reporting of threats or closings that will enable users to make comments about that specific library’s situation.

With that in mind, each library will have its own webpage. Libraries that currently have pages are listed at left. If you don’t see a particular library listed, follow the instructions at the bottom of the screen in order to create a new webpage.

AGIIG Co-Convenor

This is a call for people interested in becoming co-convenor of the Access to Government Information Interest Group. This will be the first year with a co-convenor and it is a 2 year position. The convenor will act as mentor to the co-convenor in their first year. In their second year, they will become the convenor and mentor the in-coming co-convenor. This mentor program helps new convenors learn the duties associated with the interest group while providing an extra hand to help with group activities.

If you are interested or want to know more about what is required by the position, please contact

UN Common Database Free!

This is what I love to hear (and I’m sure you’ll agree): The United Nations Common Database is now free! From the site:

As of 1 May 2007, use of the Common Database will be FREE OF CHARGE. No subscription will be necessary after that date, and all users can access the full range of data, metadata and various search tools without restriction.

A new system, UN data, will be launched in Summer 2007 and will provide improved access and searchability for UNSD databases.