Month: November 2006

OLA Super Conference

Just a reminder that the early bird registration for the OLA Super Conference is Nov. 30. Sessions that may be of interest to gov pubs librarians include:

  •  Statistical Literacy at the Reference Desk – Suzette Giles, Laine Ruus, Jeff Moon (Friday, February 2, 9:05-10:20)
  • Map It! On-line Mapping Services and Your Library – Andrew Nicholson (Friday, February 2 , 2:10-3:25)
  • CODOC to LC: THe Long and Winding Road -Jim Ford, Cary Daniel (Friday February 2, 3:45- 5:00)

I also hope to have an informal gathering of gov pubs librarians  who are able to attend the conference, so keep your eyes out for details.

Up for Discussion

Please share your thoughts on the following topic. Many of us are in the same position and we can learn from one another.

  I am wondering how to balance providing electronic access to documents along with print copies within our collection. Do you print out all electronic documents for example, so that there is a hard copy in the Library, or only provide electronic copies of certain publications?